8 days a week

I had a great conversation with a college friend today. He has recently lost 30 lbs by changing his diet and exercise.

His goal is another 30. He can do it, but he asked me an interesting question. Is more better? Would working out 7 days a week help him, and as you can imagine, the answer is NO. At least long term it won’t help. Recovery is paramount. I exercise and lift 6 days a week for certain goals and my diet has become a lifestyle not a fad.

I am excited to see what he does the next 90 days and for that matter I am excited to see what he and I both can do.

Just remember, life change is like brushing your teeth. It’s a daily occurrence that can easily and for most people is overlooked.

And on your recovery days, literally train yourself to recover. It’s just as important as the exercise!

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