40 percent less stress

If I could magically reduce the stress in your life by 40% overnight would you do it?

You would have more energy, no crash after lunch, sleep better, and not stay in a constant state of sickness.

You can, very easily, by switching your diets to plants.

When you eat meat, or any food, blood rushes to your stomach. Meat is very hard to digest in your body. Think of you stomach going to play American football every time you put meat in it. It’s taking a lot of effort for your body to digest it! It puts all of its focus digesting which means it becomes harder for you to focus, you become sleepy but can’t sleep well because your body is actually working really hard to pass the food and break it down.

I switched to a Whole Foods plant based diet to help me qualify for the Xterra World Championships in Maui, and this year was fist ever triathlon!

I body was able to recover from training faster but it didn’t only help me in the athletic arena it helped me at the office! I wasn’t tired, I had energy and enthusiasm throughout the day. When I came home from work I was able to give my wife and children the attention they deserve.

It’s amazing what you can do by eliminating 40% of he stress from your life and open up new opportunities for yourself.

Give it a try! Here are a couple books about athletes that made a huge impact on Scott Jurek in his book Eat and Run and Rich Roll in his book Finding Ultra.

You know the answer to less stress, how will you respond?

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