Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

We are about 3 weeks away until I load my bike, wife, and three kids on a plane to head to Hawaii and compete in the Xterra Off-Road Triathlon World Championships (2016 Highlights)

It’s hard to believe that just 10 months ago I couldn’t break a 10 minute mile. I was so excited on New Years Eve last year when I ran 6 miles in just over a 10 minute pace. Fast forward 10 months and I ran 6 miles in less than 6.5 minute pace (check out the Strava App if your looking for a social community to keep you active). Through massive action and a plan I will now be competing with the top off road triathletes in the World from over 50 countries in Maui!

It didn’t happen overnight and certainly there were obstacles but if you work at something daily it’s amazing the results you can achieve over time!

Make sure you invest in yourself today! A book, exercise, healthy food, relationship, business. See your future and invest in it today.

You will look back in 10 months and either say, “what did I do?” or you will look back and say, “look what I have done, and where I am going.”

Momentum is a powerful tool, use it and most importantly recite to yourself today that “Your past does not equal your future!”

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