Are you healthy?

Defined, health is the state of being free from illness or injury. This state of being almost sounds impossible and it rhythms with death.

This state is considered both mentally and physically and could they work together or are the separate?

I recently had to fill out some paperwork for life insurance and there was a questionnaire that asked a question that I needed to rank from most important to least:

-financial independence



-material possessions


If I truly answered how I was living, health would have been at the bottom. My mind was consumed with quotas, performance plans, meetings, business opportunities, my attire, business acumen, new ways to connect with clients.

A few months passed and I thought about that question and asked myself this question, “If I eliminate any of these items, what is left?”

If you take health out, you have death. If you do not have health, you can’t work! You can’t thrive in your relationships! Your material possessions will feel empty!

However, what I was putting in my body and on my body received little to no attention. Aside from the occasional thought of, ‘a salad would be the smart choice here’ and I would have a side salad with steak, loaded bake potato and chocolate cake for dessert.

Why do you eat what you eat? Does it give you energy? Does it help you sleep better? Does it make your body run efficiently? Will it make you live longer?

How does your body react to food and products? Do you have any idea?

Life is a gift and so is health. If you have health, you have wealth. Be grateful for it! Celebrate it! Share it with your friends and family!

Today, think about the food your putting into your body and the products you put on it. How is your body responding? Does it make it tired? Does it give you energy? Does it help you focus? Is it processed?

If your healthy, (mentally and physically) your wealthy…ask and you shall receive.

What have you done to find health? What books have your read? What people have inspired you?

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