Friday the 13th (Scary Change!)

It’s Friday the 13th! Many believe this day to be the most unlucky day and has been the birthday of many horror movies such as ‘Friday the 13th.’ People believe these things and share stories about them. You may not believe anything superstitious but if someone asked you about the day (Friday the 13th) you would probably ASSOCIATE scary things, ghosts, unlucky day, death and a day you are a bit more careful on. It’s a belief that you have, that was created by your parents, the media, a movie, or a sleep over from your childhood. (Friday the 13th Scare Explained) All Friday the 13th is, is a pattern that you have incorporated into your life. What if you took Friday the 13th and began a new association or pattern? A day you linked to a change in your life.

Many people ask me about the massive change I have had in my diet over the last year. It all began in an instant! At the end of 2016 I had recently read a book called Finding Ultra by Rich Roll. His story similar to mine which is, athlete growing up, career took over and slowly packed on some weight that looked NORMAL in our culture. Without spoiling his book, (I suggest you listen or ready it) one evening, he walked up his stairs and at the peak of his stairs, he stopped and breathed heavy. At that instant, he changed everything! His book goes on to unfold this beautiful story of his plant based diet and his exercise and becoming a world class endurance athlete.

In less than 3 weeks, I will be competing in the Xterra World Championship in Maui, Hawaii. It’s an off road triathlon where the best in the world compete and its by qualification only. 50 countries represented at the event and I will be one of only a few hundred that qualified out of 10’s of thousands that attempted to qualify. I don’t say this to impress you but to impress upon you a few thoughts as you start your weekend.

Just 10 months ago, I was an average guy, had never ridden a mountain bike and had never competed in a triathlon of any kind. In less than 10 months I qualified for the most coveted off road triathlon in the entire world!

People say, I was a natural and just had a gift. That is not true. It took a TON of hard work and training. Massive planning as I am happily married with 3 kids! Strange training hours as I run multiple divisions for a construction firm in Texas. So I needed to any edge I could possibly get/take and that huge edge was my diet.

A diet that consisted of plants! Rich was a plant based athlete. Then I started to investigate more and found a book called Thrive written by another plant based triathlete. I started to learn about other athletes that were taking up this lifestyle. They claimed that they could train more, sleep less, focus more, and eliminate stress by eating plants.

It took some convincing, I watched movies like What the Health and Food Choice and they kept me inspired on my journey. In addition, I found out one of my role models, Tony Robbins was a vegan for over 18 years! I wanted his energy!

My recovery time was incredible, my body would miraculously heal itself so fast. I started to sleep better without wrestlers interruptions! I was able to accomplish more because I did not have the crash that I usually would encounter around 2 or 3 pm every day. The weekends became two more days I no longer needed to rest on but live in.

My life changed so much, and had so much success in work, relationships, and triathlon I have decided to write a book called The Gazelle Mindset. I am releasing it in December. I am not taking any profit from it because this gift I have been given of a new life I want to share with you!

Until then, make this weekend a little different! It’s Friday the 13th! Go listen to Rich Roll’s book Finding Ultra or if you want something easier to do Watch What The Health or Food Choices. Try scaring yourself and go Vegan this weekend!

And associate today as your LUCKY day!

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