You Hate Your Job?

This site is more than just about eating holistically. You could eat great and still be miserable and I experienced this yesterday. Maybe it was you?

I had just landed in Phoenix for work and went to rent a car. It was 7 am but the sun was bright. The air was dry and fresh. The temperature was comfortable and the flowers were unleashing deep colors or red, purple and pinks!

I exited the bus, and went up to the line at Budget. The lady and her head looking toward her computer. Her hand on her chin, doing whatever she could do to stay awake.

I walked up to her, and with a louder than normal tone said, “Goooood morning!”

She bounced up in her chair. She was half laughing and half shaking her head. She exhaled. She asked for my credit card and drivers license.

She asked the normal questions and then said just in perfect script, “Are you here for business or fun?”

I smiled and said, “both.”

She obviously wanted to know more so she asked what I was doing that was fun.

My piercing response,”work! My fun will be working!”

She stopped what she was doing. Set down my cards. And then went into a monologue. She has been working at this airport for 31 years and she was tired of it and Fridays are so hectic she can barely breathe.

I let her finish, and then I told her. “You realize at anytime you can leave right? In fact, you could probably take any car in on the lot.”

She laughed. I laughed but inside I felt bad.

She has used 31 years of her life doing something on a scale of 0-10 was probably on average a 5 at best.

It filled me with gratitude that I get to do what I want and love. I work with college buddies.

Life’s to short to hate being where you are and who you are. All the power for change is inside you right now. Of course, it will take you to use your brain and work hard because if you have been doing something for 31 years you are probably pretty proficient and comfortable but it’s not painful enough for you to change.

I just choose to live in a pleasure state rather than getting used to a little pain that eventually becomes manageable.

Enjoy your weekend, spend it wisely, you only get so many and remember you only get so many Mondays as well!

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