I hate people who say, “I tried!” (Viewer discretion advised)

Last month at our monthly sales meeting I shared a story about a football player named Vince Young. He was one of the best quarterbacks in the NCAA going into the Rose Bowl.

The Longhorns stopped USC and took the ball over at mid field with less than a minute in the game. His linemen jogged out and he pranced with a smirk on his face as if he knew something that no one else did in the packed arena. The story goes, that he looked at his linemen and saw fear. He looked at them and in a jovial manner said, “Let you balls hang!” Amongst all the noise, Vince was unshakeable and ready to deliver results. His linemen go on record to this day saying that after he told them that “comment” that they knew they would win the game. If you watch the video it was 4th and long and Vince Young ran UNTOUCHED into the endzone. The rest is history.

Let’s take a step back, what if he looked at his linemen and said, “Gee Guys, let’s try really hard!” History would have been different.

But the point is, that he didn’t become magical at that time he already had the magic.

Let me share with you one more example to prove my point. David versus Goliath. David was a little kid. A Shepard. When the entire army was asked who would step up and fight Goliath a little boy stepped and said, “let’s do this.” He didn’t do this out of motivation. If motivation was involved all the other warriors would of had their testosterone running and a bunch of guys would have volunteered. David was the only one!

Why did he have so much certainty that he could kill Goliath? Because he already did so many other times. He killed wolves and lions. He slept alone in the darkness with one eye open. He had been practicing for years with his slingshot and could hit anything he wanted from a country mile away. David knew he could do the same against this giant called Goliath!

David’s last words to the army wasn’t, “I’m gunna try guys.” It was probably more along the lines of Vince Young famous line to his front linemen.

David and Vince didn’t try. They were different. They created themselves day after day. I assure you they didn’t tell their boss they would “try” to hit their numbers or that they are “trying their best.” They showed up and delivered!

They did things different then the rest and it all started in the mind. Their mind is what gave them victory and it’s your mind that tells you that “trying” or participating is good enough. But remember they also didn’t just show up to this moment and create magic they have been prepared, they were ready!

If you were the best, you wouldn’t “try” to do something, you would “show” people how something gets done!

Change your mind, change your life!

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