How to get “In the Zone” using brain wave frequencies

Have you ever woke up and thought, “I feel great today!” Or on the flip side woke up and feel exhausted.

Have you been in a situation where everything slows down and you perform at a much higher level than you ever believed possible?

Have you ever been sitting somewhere and out of the blue a deep thought comes to you in the form of story that is outlined in detail?

Have you ever tried to fall asleep at night and your mind had 1,000,000 thoughts running through it?

Do you ever wonder “why”?  If so, continue reading about something that could change your life or give you the edge you have been looking for recently.

Your brain functions in waves and is measured through hertz.  If your normal, it functions in a state called Beta waves.  Beta waves range from 14-40 hertz.  It gives you the ability to be ready for a fight or flight situation and can also be known to many as a ‘monkey mind.’ Most people live here and never find a way out. It’s the reason your mind worries and it thinks about a million different outcomes rather than living in the moment.

There is gentleman by the name of Dr. Benson from Harvard Medical School that wrote a book called MegaBrain that uncovered this science of taking your brain from a Beta state to a different state on command or in an instant.  You could instantaneously command our mind to go to a state which is also known as “in the zone.”

What if you could amongst chaos be calm, relaxed, clear minded, creative, unshakable confidence and certainly about the event you find yourself in.  Your thoughts are not in the past or future but the here in now so train your brain.

So here is the secret, you want to be able to get on the same wave length, pun intended, as the event calls for an not always be in Beta.  It takes practice, years of practice and coaching. That was until a guy by the name of Jim McElwee came along and developed something called binaural beats.  He created a tool for you to listen to put you on the exact wave length to accomplish the task at hand.

You can download an app that assists you with this ability to get “in a zone” on command.  My favorite app for this is called Brainwave: 35 Binaural Series by Banzai Labs which is located in Austin Texas.

With this app specifically, you can can get into different states of minds  which are associated with specific brainwave frequencies that would be inaudible if played directly.  “As you listen, your brainwaves fake busting step with this binaural beat  and after a few minutes synchronize with the target brainwave frequency that can be used for exercise, focus, memory, relaxation, sleep, creativity, problem solving, positive mood boost, stress reduction, and even headache and hangover relief!” (Banzai Labs)

So instead of allowing your brain to drift all day, train it to live on the frequency or channel YOU desire.  It’s your life…and remember as always – ‘if you change your mind, you will change your life.’

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