Because…it’s my birthday!

Today is my birthday! I was brought into this world by two great parents!

I am lucky to have a bunch of friends that sent texts, emails, phone calls, cards, and gifts!

People would ask what are you doing today?

And I thought, I am going to do the opposite of what everyone else does on their birthday…. because, it’s my birthday.

On your birthday, you sleep in, because it’s your birthday!

On your birthday, you skip the gym, because it’s your birthday!

On your birthday, you skip the diet and have a couple pieces of cakes, because it’s your birthday!

On your birthday, you don’t make as many sales calls, because it’s your birthday!

You associate these things with pleasure but what if you reversed them to pain… that’s what I did. You might call me crazy, but that probably means I am doing something right.

Today I woke up at 4 am, and ran 5 miles, because it’s my birthday!

After I ran, I jumped into the pool, because it’s my birthday!

I am making more calls than any other day, because it’s my birthday!

It’s not just your birthday because your excuses become your kids birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the cycle continues!

If you make your pleasures your pains and your “pains” your pleasures you will do extraordinary things!

Today, I am going to have the best day of my life and work, love, give, and live more than ever before because today is my birthday!

Change your mind, change your life!

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