Are you tired all the time? Slightly depressed and need a natural boost? Check out this holistic approach

As many of you know, I’ll take whatever natural edge I can get in business, relationships, sport, and living life to the fullest! Which is why I went Vegan cold turkey, pun intended!

Before I get into Earthing, I want you to think about this question. When was the last time you walked on the earth directly? Usually you have shoes on or flip flops, walking on concrete driveway or sidewalks, driving in your car and you rarely if ever walk barefoot on the earth without anything between you. Was your answer alarming? Are you one of the tired, wore out, exhausted people that live on caffeine and battle sickness bouts all year? Your in luck this tool might be able to help!!

I learned about this natural technology about 8 years ago through one my Dad’s friends named Leonard. He was always ahead of society on natural remedies. For example, he built his own isolation tank in the early 2000’s before they became a rage now a days.

He came down to visit me in Austin Texas and had with him a new healing technology that he shared with me. His technology was called Earthing.

Here is a brief video on what earthing is in less than 90 seconds here is Earthing explained in a video.

The earth gives off a natural energy which is why when you go camping you sleep better? Or when you go on vacation you feel more calm if you walk barefoot on a beach. Is it starting to make sense?

Many you have employees that need to take their shoes off and walk barefoot to turn around their quarter or maybe you need to get them an Earthing mat.

Here is a link to a starter kit if your nervous about winter coming. Click on this link to get The Earthing starter kit to create your dream team!

Could be for you, your kids, your spouse, or your sales team.

I’ll do whatever takes and this is one item that gives me an edge.

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