Are your friends good enough?

Take a minute to think about who you associate with.

-Open your phone and see who you call or text.

-Do your friends exercise?

-Do your friends encourage you?

-What environments do you and your friends hang out in?

-What have your friends taught you recently?

-How have they inspired you?

-Are they positive or negative?

-What does your family think of your friends?

I ask these questions because as someone once said, “The person you will become in 5 years is based on the books you read and the people you meet!” I think it’s less than 5 years, it’s as quickly as 5 minutes!

I had a chance to do some examining myself last night at a send off party for competing in the Xterra World Championships, click this to learn more about it.

It was held at a Vegan Ice Creme parlor in Austin, Texas called Vice Creme and you can visit them if your ever in Austin or at the Oasis, here is their address.

I had a moment that I looked around at all these people that came out to support me and my good friend Kyle to send us off to Maui that I had a euphoric moment!

The people that showed up last night and that have surrounded me have literally created who I am!

From friend that took me out on my first mountain bike ride, to my very first friend I ever met when I moved to Austin 11 years ago! I saw a guy that I hired who I went to college with that has become a friend and treats me like a brother! I saw people I exercise with and have encouraged me. I saw a guy that has dominated the sport for over a decade that allowed me to be his friend and show me the ropes and now we are headed to Hawaii together. The race directors who support their athletes, not just at events but outside events. You can click on this link and sign up for race. It’s no wonder why they sell out races, they are great people. My coach, with Krause Sports Performance, who kept me in balance and gave me the opportunity to be in the position I am today! I saw a guy who opened up his business to allow us to celebrate and create community. Most importantly my wife who has been my greatest inspiration and given me the encouragement to push through!

The list will could go on and on just look at these photos:

These people have created me. The people you surround yourself will also create and shape who you are for good or bad. I have chosen good and my life shows it.

So if your interviewing someone today or just need a little self examination take a look around and see who is around you. While they create you, you decide who you surround yourself with!

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