Have you heard about the pill that could save your life but then eventually kill you?

Everyone wants the “secret pill” to life, energy, finances, relationships, and health. If you look at those and rank them, health is by far the most important. Without health, you’re dead. If your dead, you can’t have relationships or work on your finances.

Which leads me to my secret pill. Just over 4 years ago I started getting these horrible chest pains! It was so bad sometimes I would have to pull my car over. I would sweat during certain bouts and many times certain types of food would bring on these horrific episodes. I was in the midst of possibly changing jobs so I decided to go to the doctor and see what was happening and make sure it wasn’t anything serious before I changed insurance providers.

I went to the doctors office and was met with standard protocol. The nurse took my vitals. She said the doctor would be right in. He came in, I explained my episodes. He looked me up and down

, asked me 3 or 4 questions and then told me it sounded like indigestion. He gave me some sample bottles of a drug named Dexilant and walked out. That all transpired in about 11 minutes. He said that should do the trick. His other suggestion was to lay off red meat if possible for a bit. His words of wisdom were, “As you get older, your body changes.”

I still had no idea if I had heart problems but I guess I had the cure. And guess what, the Dexilant drug worked!

But I had no idea if I would be taking this for the rest of my life or how it would effect my body. To be honest, I didn’t really think about long term repercussions I just knew it worked today!

After a while I ran out of pills and didn’t schedule time to pick any more up because the company I went to work for on the new insurance plan seemed to expensive.

So the episodes started again. And for whatever reason, I just let it become part of my life. If an episode came on during a meal I would excuse myself from the table and fight it out in the bathroom until it passed. Bent over, sweating, and gagging. I would time these episodes to make sure it didn’t look to strange while I was out.

That all changed, when I went plant based. As a side effect of going plant based over the last year, I haven’t had an episode. Sure I am getting older but why is a plant based diet eliminating these episodes? I went to the Dexilant website and it says specifically that try changing your diet before changing the diet but doesn’t give any suggestions.

All I know is that when I switched to plant based not only did it enhance my sleep, energy, and physical ability it also just cured a disease!

Plant based is great, and you should give it a try but here’s what’s most important.

Sure the drug worked but why did I just trust someone? I didn’t do any research on the doctor, I didn’t do any research on the causes, and I didn’t do any research on the drug until today. I took the “pill”, just like we do a lot of times in life as a fact and because it helped me for ‘today.’

For me, this changed my life. It may have been an accident but since then I have become more intentional. Even as small as you may think this is to have no more bouts at meals or on the road. It wasn’t easy making the change but the change accidentally cured me. And as long as plants make my life better, I think I’ll keep eating them. As for you, look around in your life for any “pill” that you might be popping. It could be a convenient friend you have in your life, the testosterone you take, a 401k plan you belong to, or some other “pill.” Ask yourself why you take it, and if you have a good reason for doing so. If it makes sense, without justification, then by all means keep taking it but if your like me and just took it for convenience because it just fixed a problem for a short time then look a little harder for different answers. Don’t let life happen to you accidentally. Be intentional, know why you take the pills you take and what impact they have on you and how you might cure yourself.

What do you think? Have you ever had a similar experience?

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