Amateurs are doping and beating you! Sorry, they’re not sorry!

This past week I stumbled on this very controversial documentary by Bryan Fogel. If you play any sport or watch any sport it’s a must watch. Here is the trailer : Icarus Trailer

This movie discusses the doping issue in sport not just here in the USA but globally. Obviously, we have witnessed first hand what Lance Armstrong is now known for even though everyone else, he was competing against was doing the same thing. Then you look at baseball and what happened in those locker rooms with Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez. That doesn’t include what we don’t know about basketball and football. This movie shows you how easy it is for professionals to get around the agencies that are trying to stop it.

But then it hit me. I wonder if this is happening in amateur sports? With the rise and seemingly loose-y goose-y mentality with Low T movement of today aka know as legalized testosterone. I wonder if those guys even realize that they are committing the same crime, even if unintentional, against those they are competing against. Think about the guy in softball that is hitting home runs or maybe is lifting more at cross fit. Maybe he’s running faster than you in a half marathon. All seemingly OK?

I wonder if, I personally, have been beat by guys that are being enhanced by some “substance.”

I know so many guys that go visit a doctor one time and walk out with a prescription to inject testosterone or get pellets. Does anyone know the long term effects? Does anyone know the process fully?

A friend and elite Triathlete and I were discussing if his performance was diminished because guys ahead of him were doping? Maybe they weren’t doping ahead of him but their is no test to prove other wise. Maybe it doesn’t matter?

But the problem is more than just elite amateurs. What about the the guy who is playing softball and all the sudden takes his game to a new level? Does it that matter really, especially if a doctor is prescribing it? Does that make the guy who’s not on testosterone now feel depressed because he’s not as good and now he needs something prescribed?

The world is changing and it’s something we will need to discuss with our kids here in the near future. As access to these things because so easily attainable and more widely accepted. Maybe this is the new normal?

What do you think?

Check out Icarus on Netflix

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