The top 10 life changing and unique gift ideas this Christmas season!

Are you looking for a unique gift that could change your friend/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/child for the rest of their life? Or maybe you have finally resolved that enough is enough and 2018 is going to be different from now on and you want to gift yourself something that could change your life forever! Here is my top 10 list for 2017 (this does not have an order of significance just depends on what your looking for, want, and need)

1) Universal Earthing Mat $58.99 Do you want to be the trend setter at the party or impress your super healthy but arthritic mother-in-law? This is the gift you’re looking for! It was made popular by Tour de France cycle teams for recovery. You sleep on this mat and plug it into the grounding plug in your wall and the earth gives your body a charge, literally. Here is a video that explains what “Earthing” is Earthing explained . It’s important to get a mat because to do it naturally takes 2.5 hours of walking barefoot and no one has the time to do that these days. Here is the link to click to pick one up on Amazon Earthing Mat. It’s a gift that they will use everyday and not even think about it and will make a huge impact in their life!

2) Organic Wheat Grass $14.95. The best white elephant gift exchange pick! This is a quick and inexpensive gift that will deliver 10 times what you pay for it to whoever is on the receiving end of this magic dust in a bottle! Think I am kidding? It’s known as an effective healer because it contains all minerals know to man and vitamins A,B-complex, C,E,I and K. It also contains 17 amino acids and is rich in protein! Still need to be sold? Here are 50 other reasons you need to gift this to someone you love! 50 more reasons you need Wheat Grass in your life! So if you are looking for a great gift and perfect for a white elephant exchange here’s a link for Wheat Grass.

3) Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Live Event: $695

Ok, I admit this in is not cheap but if your looking for a dramatic change in your life then this is well worth it. I attended in 2016 and my wife went in 2017. You will walk on FIRE! This guy has list of A LIST clients like Oprah, the owner of Salesforce, Paul Tudor Jones, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and the list continues! And believe it or not the guy who founded Salesforce was inspired to quit his job at Oracle and start SalesForce because of this event. I think it’s worth $600. There are ways to get tickets to these events if you know people or maybe your work will pay for it as continued education. I highly recommend it! Check out his website here is a link to his live events. He’s not a motivational speaker he shows you how to change your mind and get the results you want and deserve! Trust me, it’s worth it!

4) Audible Membership and credits. This is audio books. You can download one book a month with this membership. Need help getting started? Check out Shoe Dog by Phil Knight the co-founder of Nike. Turn off the radio and music in 2018 and listen to more books. Listen while in the yard, exercising, driving to work, doing the dishes! Your mind will thank you for it! Here is a link to download the app and get started Audible App. Plus I will be releasing a free book called The Gazelle Mindset that you can listen to on it!

5) Coach/Trainer- (priceless) every year you try to change and by the third week of January you have given up. Stop it! Go get a coach or trainer! If you need help at work get a life coach to help you with your craft. If you want to excel in the physical aspect get a trainer! If you pay for a trainer, I assure you, you will show up for the work out! Stop making excuses and get someone to keep you accountable.

6) Massage Gift Card- (usually around $1 a minute). Your wife or husband need to be pampered. Cut out the stress and decompress. Schedule it for them so they can’t deny on going especially if they have never been! They might put up a fight at first but they will thank you after and want to go back for more!

7). Gazelle Mindset t-shirt $34 The athletic apparel company Zeno Athletics picked up my idea and has been selling them ever since! What is the Gazelle Mindset? Well is a book I am releasing for free on audible and kindle about your mind and why it’s controlling you. Here’s the premise, “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle: when the sun comes up, you’d better be running. However, if the Lion misses catching a Gazelle today he will live.  The Gazelle does not have a second chance if he is caught.  He must never tire especially if the Lion is well rested. He must always be prepared! You must decide to rebel against nature today and survive.  You were not born a lion, and be thankful because when you outrun the Lion today your story will be that much more significant because today you out ran a lion!”

The goal is to change your mind! Because if you can change your mind, you will change you life! It will be a welcome reminder and great story to share! Pick one up at this link The Gazelle Mindset t-shirt.

8) Race ($15-550) This is always worth video taping to laugh at when they open up this envelope with a race entry fee paid for the two of you! This can be a 5k, 10k, Triathlon, half marathon, marathon. My choice is always Xterra off road triathlons for the people that do these! They are fun and fast! It’s swimming, mountain biking and then a trail run! This is a unique gift that gives the two of you something to shoot for together! There are no refunds so this makes this gift stick better than a gym membership!

9) Brainwave App ($3) I have written about brain waves in the past and how our brains work at different frequencies. You can purchase a number of apps that deliver brain waves to your head but my favorite is by Bonzai Labs. Here is the link to the Bonzai Labs app that you can gift directly from the Apple App Store!

10) A letter of gratitude letter. (Worth more than you know). If you sit down and write down how this person/company has impacted you and made a difference in your life and what you want to do with them in 2018 would mean a lot and sometimes it’s easier for us to go on Amazon or run to the store and buy a gift then sit down for 45-60 minutes and write out a well thought out letter. It will mean to them more than you know and probably unexpected. Besides, the holidays bring stress so your letter will be come at the perfect time! We always find a way to complain so this season find a way to give the gift of gratitude it will lighten up their life and will give you light as well!

Have a very Merry Christmas and may you find the real reason for this season this year. He will ultimately change your life!

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