URGENT: Santa’s dirty secret! Find out here what it is and spread the news!

I recently took my kids to see Santa Claus. The line was long but they had a mission to share with Santa what they wanted this year for Christmas. We finally arrived at the front of the line and the kids rushed up to him while my youngest was a bit less excited now that the moment had finally arrived but he slowly walked forward.

They all piled on Santa’s lap and per usual he asked them if they had been naughty or nice. It’s a gift to listen to your children share what their perspective of the world is and what is considered good or bad. Santa then asked, “What each of them want this year?”

When they finished telling him, they all turned for the camera for a picture. They jumped down and Santa smiled at them as they walked away. I went to pick up my youngest and I asked Santa, “Hey Santa, what do you want for Christmas this year?”

He responded with, “Peace in Earth, but that might be tough so just leave out almond milk for me rather than cows milk.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned back toward him and asked,”Why?”

His reply was short and sweet, “Read the labels. I can’t keep this weight thing up or it will kill me. Almond milk has less sugar, less calories, more calcium, and less hormones.”

So I did. I looked at the label and posted for you below:

This Santa was right. Further digging I come to find out that a cow back in 1970 would produce 9,700 lbs of milk and now a cow will produce 19,000 lbs of milk. Sure that amazing but it’s because they are being pumped full of hormones like a bodybuilder at Golds gym. In fact, What they are being injected with is banned in many countries. To learn more, read this article on the growth hormones you may be drinking each day with your coffee, cereal, bakery, pizza, cookies etc

The link about hormones in your milk.

At some point in your life you had to realize that Santa was not real. It’s part of life. If your a grown adult and still think that he flys around delivering gifts, you may want to seek professional help. Which leads me to my point. If your still drinking cows milk today, you might as well believe in Santa Clause.

Have a great holiday season! Merry Christmas!

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