Here’s why your excuses are only helping the “other” guy

I recently saw this photo on social media posted by a former business professor of mine Dr. Schmidt who has always inspired and encouraged me through out the years. (If you only look at the picture, it should be impactful and I hope you can use it to share with your friends and baby boomer parents, friends, brothers and sisters.)

If there is one excuse that I hear more than others it’s about age. I am too young or I am too old. The other is, “They think I am to young or they think I am to old.” (Who are they anyhow)

It’s interesting that these excuses are only a perception. A perception that we create in our minds and limit us from taking action which is the key needed to unlock the door of a new adventure.

Isn’t it interesting that the best NFL quarterback is over 40?

Isn’t it interesting that the best basketball player in the world is only 33 but they call him old?

Isn’t it interesting that JFK was so young as a President?

Isn’t it interesting that Donald Trump is so old as a president?

We all put these self limiting beliefs on ourselves that completely stops us from doing something that could make an impact on our own personal history.

So I wanted to share this photo from Dr. Schmidt that he clipped from the paper. It’s shows that 65 years old is still young, obviously so long as you treat your body correctly.

This picture also shows that we are living a long time, so don’t count down the days until retirement but look at all the time you have left to create, inspire, and share your experiences with this year and years to come.

I hope you share this with your friends that have said they are to old or young. It’s just an excuse and it’s only helping the guy who is actually taking action.

It’s NEVER to late to turn your fate!

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