Get Immediate Results Using This Simple Tool

I get asked a lot how I have time to sell, manage a sales organization, train for XTERRA triathlons, interview and write articles for, take my kids to school, and go out on a date once a week with my wife.  Below is a tool that helps me build my goals and get results.

Here is a proven way to get results that you can use and pass on to your team.

  1. Start with your ANSWER first.  When I say ANSWER I mean RESULT.  What RESULT do you want?  (write that down)
  2. Now, take that answer and use the below tool called S.M.A.R.T. to make sense of that result.
    • Specific – make sure it has a number attached to it
    • Measurable – how can you track it?
    • Attainable – do you believe it?
    • Realistic – do you have steps that will get you to your goal?
    • Timed – do you have a deadline

Now, that you have a S.M.A.R.T. goal.  Your next step is using a tool that Tony Robbins developed called and RPM plan.

An RPM stands for Results, Purpose, and Massive Action.

Here is a brief example of how you can do it on a piece of paper:


  1. The key to achieving a goal is to define it and you can do that using the S.M.A.R.T. tool.
  2. Build your RPM as seen in the example
  3. Take immediate and massive action
  4. Know the purpose
  5. Always have another goal ready to go before you finish your last achievement

The key is to sit down and write down your goal.  That is the biggest and many times most daunting step.  If you can get past step three you will be well on your way.  Obstacles will come but you will have purpose to help you overcome those challenges.

I hope this helps you achieve new heights this year!

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