How to use your wife’s essential oils to get lucky this Valentine’s Day!

We have all seen the social media post about Young Living essential oils and how they may or may not cure migraines, possibly assist in fertility, and potentially ease stomach aches. Let me guess, your wife saw someone raised from the dead with a mixture of thieves, frankincense, a splash of lemon oil, myrrh oil, and peppermint oil? We men sit there, shake our heads, roll our eyes. We then turn around, smile, and nod in agreement with our wife’s passion of trying to make the world a better place. But enough is enough.

The common guy, just like me, is a skeptic of these magic ”oils.” When something is to good to be true, it’s usually to good to be true. It’s not that we don’t want to believe our moms, wives, or girlfriends. It’s the fact that the three wise men brought oils to the manger over 2,000 years ago. It’s also the fact that when you explain these magic oils to me you talk about feelings and all I am asking for are facts. Girls, show me some science! Because in my world, depending on the time of year, I am Santa, I am the tooth fairy, and I am the Easter bunny. Let’s get real or let’s not play ladies.

I went on a witch hunt to prove them wrong! So show this to your wife; let’s be done with it and bury this thing for good.

My wife has been using oils for a very long time. In fact, my wife and her sister preach from the mountain tops and I have always kept quiet. So I plan to walk through frequency in food, your body, and oils.

Food has Frequency:

While I thought my wife was a little crazy, I found my own crazy in 2016. I attended a Tony Robbins conference with a bunch of guys from work. His technologies really spoke to me. I was amazed that he didn’t drink alcohol, was a vegan for 18 years, and had more energy and passion than anyone I had ever seen in my life. I wanted what he had, and don’t worry, it wasn’t essential oils. But he spoke of food and frequency and that peaked my interest.

Our bodies are matter and all matter has a frequency. We all give off vibrations. If your body is healthy it will have a frequency of 62-68 MHz. However, Tony seemed to be above this average because of all the energy he had, or maybe he was using some drug to get him into this high octane state.

He talked about how you can increase your body’s frequency by the food you eat. He talked about alkaline water, wheat-grass, fresh deep green produce like kale and broccoli. I was intrigued, but not sold.

Your Body’s Frequency

In March of 2017, I told my wife that I wanted to qualify for the XTERRA World Championship Triathlon in Maui. After she was done laughing on the ground, she said, “If you magically qualify, we will be there to support you, but Jordan remember, don’t be upset if you dont. Remember you have never competed in a triathlon, let alone ridden a mountain bike since we have been married.”

I needed to find a way to train a ton, work, have a family life and not burn out. That’s when I made the resolve to find ways to get more energy naturally. I decided to listen to Tony and start eating more plants and told myself I would be a plant-based athlete for just 30 days and here’s why:

You and I both know that we are not just physical matter. “We are made up of energy – all matter is – and bound together by an energy field. We’re talking atoms, protons, and neutrons. So, everything vibrates with an energy. And, the higher the energy, the higher the frequency. Positive feelings and thoughts evoke a higher frequency vs. negative feelings and thoughts which evoke a lower frequency. Our energy is blocked when we experience negativity, fear, or you guessed it, unhealthy substances. Think about it. When you consume really unhealthy food, alcohol, or drugs, doesn’t your energy feel low, dull or blocked later? This constant negative state can lead to sickness and disease in the body,” says Gina Martini.

What Gina is saying makes sense, because cancer functions at a frequency of 42 MHz. The onset of death has a frequency of 25 MHz. So when you think you could feel death in a room at a hospital. It’s probably because you can.

So that’s when I made the plunge and went to a plant-based, whole food diet. Want to know why, check out this chart:

MHZ of food
MHz of your food

So after a hard training session a friend would say, “let’s go get a burger.” I would think of this chart and see that I just put my body through absolute physical stress. My body is tired, it needed energy and a Big Mac wasn’t going to get me feeling good, so I chose to go make a green drink with wheat grass, kale, and broccoli. Did I get made fun of? Sure, of course, but I was getting results physically and mentally.

They could laugh all they wanted, I wanted to qualify for the XTERRA World Championships and believe me the short-term temptation of a Big Mac or any burger wasn’t going to be the reason I didn’t make it to Maui for the race.

Oil Frequency

Then it happened. I was listening to a podcast about food and they mentioned that the term, “Wake up and smell the roses,” literally came from when someone would physically smell roses, they would get a boost of energy!

You guessed it. I dropped everything and called my wife. I asked her if she had rose oil. She was so confused. I looked up the MHz of rose oil and found this:
Young Living Essential Oil MHz

You see that on the top of the list? Rose oil. 320 MHz! That’s twice as high as raw vegetables! This is where my secret is and racing.

I made my wife give me her coveted rose oil in my last race in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In transition, I would grab it and take a huge whiff! I know it sounds funny, but as I was putting my body through this traumatic experience of physical exercise I could give it a boost through this rose oil. I took 7th place OVERALL! Mind you, my first triathlon ever in my life was just 4.5 months prior.

Literally, it raised my body from low frequencies. It put me in a peak state and helped me accomplish what I wanted and that was to qualify for the XTERRA World Championship!

Jordan Winar XTERRA World Championship
XTERRA World Championship Finish Line

So this Valentine’s day, first start with an apology and let your mom, wife, or girlfriend know that you will listen. If anything else, boys, wake up and smell the roses this Valentine’s day. And if your wife doesn’t have rose oil, you may want to get her some and get her vibrations functioning high, you can thank me later.

So to my wife, thank you, you helped me get to the top, even if I had to look around a little myself.

Mandy in Hawaii sending positive vibes after the XTERRA World Championship


In conclusion, MEN understand that we are made up matter, and that matter has an energy that functions at different frequencies/vibrations. So do your body a favor and feed it high vibration foods, feed your mind positive thoughts, and take a hit once in a while of some rose essential oils. It’s time you wake up and smell the roses.

And to all you ladies out there, who are tired of hearing that their husbands are tired, beat down and worn out! Give him some good vibes, feed him some high frequency food, let him smell some rose oil. Believe me, that testosterone supplement you’re allowing him to take, because he won’t change the bad habits of exercise, diet, and mindfulness, just might not be the answer.

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