Doubting? Hopeless? Fearful? Stuck? Faithless? Not after you listen to this guy!

It was 4am and my alarm went off.  It was cold and I was warm under my covers.  The house was quiet.  I didn’t want to get up and train for the XTERRA triathlons I had coming up.  I closed my eyes and thought I could always train later today or worst case tomorrow.  And then that still small voice inside me told me to get up.  I fumbled around, half alseep, put on my running shoes and running clothes.  I put my earphones in and instead of putting on music that day I searched on Youtube, “motivational speech”.  I clicked on a track without reading the title and a man’s voice came through my headphones (click here to listen ).  The first words he said in a booming voice were, “I am a the messanger, God sent me to tell you, that your best days are ahead of you, this is not the end and no matter what your facing, the trial and tribulation, you will come out of this victorious!”

All of the sudden, I was awake.  I was more than awake, I felt alive.  I felt encouraged.  I felt renewed.  I felt powerful and strong!  I didn’t know who’s voice this was but he had a message for me and I was listening.   I then started listening to more of of this voice.  This voice has a  name and he goes by  Billy Alsbrooks.  I didn’t know who he was at the time but he had a powerful message.  I looked him up and noticed he had written a book called, “Blessed and Unstoppable.”  I bought it, and I start each day with it and it has transformed my life.

I then dug a little deeper and wanted to know more about Billy.  Who was this voice that was inspiring me for good.  He was delivering a powerful message for good to all who would listen.  His book gives you a plan that if you follow it will lead you to a new life.

We all “know” how to do things in life (losing weight, making more money) but the point is to understand and take action.  Billy helps you understand and he will push you to take action, immediately.  In life, the person you are in 5 year will be based on the books you read and the people you meet.  Today, you need to meet Billy.  Read his book and listen to him on his youtube channel.  He is a person that will push you become a better person.  He doesn’t let  you settle for another option.

We caught up with Billy Alsbrooks and asked him some questions so that you can get to know him better and have him help us become better today than we were yesterday.

Billy, what made you change from sharing a message of destruction to a message of building others up?

The life changing moment for me was when My Father passed away unexpectedly. He died in front of me back in late 2007. I saw his last 10 minutes of his life, the look in his eyes, and his last breath. There was no time to prepare mentally for this traumatic event and it just completely devastated me. Up until this point, I had been completely self serving in all my ambitions, all my goals, and all the things I wanted to accomplish. The day after my dad transitioning, the funeral director asked me what I wanted the wording to be on my father’s head stone and what I wanted my dad’s obituary to say? I had no answer at the time, since I was still in total shock. I eventually came up with wording that best described my father’s life. That sparked an awakening in me, that I too would die one day and that people would be asking what to put in my obituary. I thought to myself, if I died right now, what would people say? I was not happy at all with the answer I came up with, I was embarrassed and ashamed actually. The only thing that lasts when we die is our legacy and the contributions that we made to the lives of others, that’s it. My father had taught me his last lesson, but it would change my life dramatically. I learned just how precious life is, how important family and friends are, and that we must make the most of every second we have here on earth. Tomorrow is not promised. I had found some thought provoking questions that would change my life’s trajectory forever. What did I want my legacy to be? How do I want people to remember me? What Am I called by God to do? What is my purpose? What should my top priorities be from here forward? Where do I want to allocate my most precious commodity (time)? What do I want to build with my life? These types of questions just kept arising in my spirit. Each day I meditated on them and searched deeply for the answers. It took many years for me to gain revelation over my life, as to what I was going to focus on and pour my energy into, but I found it. After seeing my dad die, I vowed to never go back to that old way of destruction, from here forward I was going to impact lives in positive and uplifting ways. I dedicated and committed my life to using the gifts God gave me to educate, motivate, and transform lives. I’m definitely, without any doubt, going to leave this world better than I found it.

Billy, what is one thing that if a person is struggling and questioning life they could do to turn things around?

Questions will take you in life wherever you want to go. All you have to do is find the right Question and you can initiate personal transformation. Self-assessment questions open the mind up and allow it to be reprogrammed. As I mentioned in the previous answer, the questions set in motion the change in me. The more clarity you have in your life, the more peace, balance, and power you will be functioning in. Asking yourself the right questions long enough will eventually give way to vision and self-awareness. For example, What do I want my marriage to look and feel like? What do I want my body to look like? What makes me feel the most alive? What am I most passionate about in life? What do I want my future, this time next year, to look like? What is my top most desired outcome for this week? What is one thing that I can do this week that would improve my life the most? When in my life have I been most disciplined and why? What am I doing right now in life that I need to stop doing? What do I need to start doing on a more consistent basis? Questions like these allow you to take back control of you mind, so that you can steer It, instead of it steering you. If we want to change a behavior, we must first address the mindset and the thought processes that gave birth to it. The quickest way to turn things around is to sit down and have a fierce conversation with ourselves. By asking ourselves powerful questions, we can shift the perspective and the context from which we see the world through, ultimately starving the negative behavior from the thinking that allows it to sustain itself. Our future comes directly off the assembly line of our mind. Your future is your thinking, the smallest change in thinking can change everything.

Billy, how have been able to continue to grow and progress?

There’s two things that I do consistently that have really changed my life. One, I get alone with God every single day. I go for a 30-45 minute slow walk, usually late night, and just lay my life before the Lord. All my concerns, ambitions, questions etc. I lay at his alter. He guides me in all my decisions and helps me better understand my calling. The second thing I do, is read everyday. I read a new book every week usually centered around personal development. This is my field, so I know that I need to immerse myself with as much wisdom as possible to be effective in my calling. I also have a 365 day bible, which is set up for daily readings to carry me through the whole bible within a year. This I have been doing for the past 12 years. In my alone time, I gain revelation of God, who He really is, and who he made me to be. This then allows and enables me to comprehend the material that I read, with a much greater and deeper understanding.

If your looking to make some changes in your life.  If your looking for motivation while you exercise.  If your looking for hope.  Tune in to Billy Alsbrooks channel here and check out his book here because if you surround yourself with Billy, you will only become a better person because of it.  I have Billy to thank for helping me qualify for the XTERRA World Championships!

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