Please Help…Tony Robbins

PLEASE HELP: 2.5 years ago the company I work for took me to a motivational, ra-ra guy. I went predominantly to be with my good close friends….3 days later my life changed forever! My wife, Mandy Stiles Winar, was terrified when I got home because I had drank the koolaid and was DRUNK! But here is what I have done since meeting meeting Tony Robbins:

-Converted to a plant based diet (vegan) and never looked back

-Lost 20lbs and will never go back

-Bench pressed 250 lbs (I weigh 150lbs)

-Published a children’s book, never done it before!

-Competed in a World Championship triathlon XTERRA mind you I wasn’t a triathlete had never done a triathlon let alone ridden a mountain bike or done a running race in my life!

-Read or listened to over 78 books

-personally talked to multiple world champions in cycling and triathlon

-Took a new role at work that has fulfilled me and I love my job every day! (We are hiring)

-Have dates with my wife nearly every week!

-Took my kids to three different beaches

… the list goes on….I can’t make this up.

I loved it so much, I talked my wife into it and BOOM! She went and walked on fire and has taken her business to new heights! (Clean Beauty Boss Mom™️)

I don’t write this to brag, I write it as a review or as a referral. This dude, Tony Robbins is the real deal.

Well, I just came back from another event in NYC with 6 other guys and we will again never be the same!

I have one piece of advice for you…”GO”!

If you’re a pastor and want to learn about the people you preach to…go see Tony!

If you’re relationship is on the rocks or need passion in it… go see Tony!

If you’re struggling with addiction or weight management … go see Tony!

If you use anti-depressants like 1 in 6 Americans…. go see Tony!

If you want to make your life better and those around you… go see Tony!

If you want a different job… go see Tony

I get it, you think I am over the top or that you think I’m judging you and that I am saying I’m better than you…

I’m not! I telling you because I want you to have what I experienced so far both physically and emotionally.

2.5 years ago I went reluctantly but so thankful now that I did… I wish someone would have told me to go sooner!

Excited for the next year of what’s in store for me and the guys I was with!

Let this be your warning… let this be your sign. Let this be the message you needed to hear, let this be the push you needed….so please help, help yourself and GO! I write this with nothing for me to gain except that maybe you will listen.

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