Delivering Results

In life we are all interested in one thing: results and how to obtain those results faster.

2018 is almost over and whether you like it or not the results are almost in because you delivered a result you just might not have liked it.

Did you start the year trying to be fatter or slimmer?  More positive or more negative?  Happier or more depressed?  More in love or out of love?  Read more books or watch more NETFLIX?  Making the company you work for better or just complain about it?

You see we all got results.   I keep seeing on social media that people can’t wait for this year to be over, but why wait to make changes?  We still have over 30 days to make a massive impact on our lives and those around us.

Believe me, just because the year changes doesn’t mean you will change.

So here is the secret on how to get results and this is based on the Tony Robbins, Ultimate Success Formula that has worked for millions of people including myself:

  1. Know your outcome
  2. Take MASSIVE Action
  3. Know what you’re getting
  4. Change your approach

1) Know your outcome:  This is a bit tricky because your outcome is actually a feeling and nothing more.  Sure you want a wife or girlfriend or a certain amount of money but you really want the feeling that comes a long with it.   Know what you want and get SMART with it which is:

S- specific, M – Measurable, A-attainable, R – realistic, T-timely

2)  Take MASSIVE Action:  If you want to be a millionaire and stay working at a minimum wage job, it’s going to take more than a lifetime to achieve it.  If you want to lose weight but keep eating Oreo’s and don’t move, don’t expect the results you want and the feeling you are chasing.  Have a plan, get accountability.  Send me an email and I would be willing to reply.

3) Know what you’re getting:  Do you see the results?  Is it the feeling that you were after?  Which leads to #4

4) Change your approach:  Many people will get instant success but they will end up giving up after a short while.  For example, you probably have a friend that has lost 100 lbs but they really have just lost 10 lbs, 10 times.  If you want to master something you need to commit to it and when the tough times come because they will and are called plateaus you will need to adjust your approach and keep moving forward.


Don’t wait until 2019 to make some changes.  You will have wasted your time.  Use this time to get ahead of 2019!download

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