How to use your wife’s essential oils to get lucky this Valentine’s Day!

We have all seen the social media post about Young Living essential oils and how they may or may not cure migraines, possibly assist in fertility, and potentially ease stomach aches. Let me guess, your wife saw someone raised from the dead with a mixture of thieves, frankincense, a splash of lemon oil, myrrh oil, and peppermint oil? We men sit there, shake our heads, roll our eyes. We then turn around, smile, and nod in agreement with our wife’s passion of trying to make the world a better place. But enough is enough.

The common guy, just like me, is a skeptic of these magic ”oils.” When something is to good to be true, it’s usually to good to be true. It’s not that we don’t want to believe our moms, wives, or girlfriends. It’s the fact that the three wise men brought oils to the manger over 2,000 years ago. It’s also the fact that when you explain these magic oils to me you talk about feelings and all I am asking for are facts. Girls, show me some science! Because in my world, depending on the time of year, I am Santa, I am the tooth fairy, and I am the Easter bunny. Let’s get real or let’s not play ladies.

I went on a witch hunt to prove them wrong! So show this to your wife; let’s be done with it and bury this thing for good.

My wife has been using oils for a very long time. In fact, my wife and her sister preach from the mountain tops and I have always kept quiet. So I plan to walk through frequency in food, your body, and oils.

Food has Frequency:

While I thought my wife was a little crazy, I found my own crazy in 2016. I attended a Tony Robbins conference with a bunch of guys from work. His technologies really spoke to me. I was amazed that he didn’t drink alcohol, was a vegan for 18 years, and had more energy and passion than anyone I had ever seen in my life. I wanted what he had, and don’t worry, it wasn’t essential oils. But he spoke of food and frequency and that peaked my interest.

Our bodies are matter and all matter has a frequency. We all give off vibrations. If your body is healthy it will have a frequency of 62-68 MHz. However, Tony seemed to be above this average because of all the energy he had, or maybe he was using some drug to get him into this high octane state.

He talked about how you can increase your body’s frequency by the food you eat. He talked about alkaline water, wheat-grass, fresh deep green produce like kale and broccoli. I was intrigued, but not sold.

Your Body’s Frequency

In March of 2017, I told my wife that I wanted to qualify for the XTERRA World Championship Triathlon in Maui. After she was done laughing on the ground, she said, “If you magically qualify, we will be there to support you, but Jordan remember, don’t be upset if you dont. Remember you have never competed in a triathlon, let alone ridden a mountain bike since we have been married.”

I needed to find a way to train a ton, work, have a family life and not burn out. That’s when I made the resolve to find ways to get more energy naturally. I decided to listen to Tony and start eating more plants and told myself I would be a plant-based athlete for just 30 days and here’s why:

You and I both know that we are not just physical matter. “We are made up of energy – all matter is – and bound together by an energy field. We’re talking atoms, protons, and neutrons. So, everything vibrates with an energy. And, the higher the energy, the higher the frequency. Positive feelings and thoughts evoke a higher frequency vs. negative feelings and thoughts which evoke a lower frequency. Our energy is blocked when we experience negativity, fear, or you guessed it, unhealthy substances. Think about it. When you consume really unhealthy food, alcohol, or drugs, doesn’t your energy feel low, dull or blocked later? This constant negative state can lead to sickness and disease in the body,” says Gina Martini.

What Gina is saying makes sense, because cancer functions at a frequency of 42 MHz. The onset of death has a frequency of 25 MHz. So when you think you could feel death in a room at a hospital. It’s probably because you can.

So that’s when I made the plunge and went to a plant-based, whole food diet. Want to know why, check out this chart:

MHZ of food
MHz of your food

So after a hard training session a friend would say, “let’s go get a burger.” I would think of this chart and see that I just put my body through absolute physical stress. My body is tired, it needed energy and a Big Mac wasn’t going to get me feeling good, so I chose to go make a green drink with wheat grass, kale, and broccoli. Did I get made fun of? Sure, of course, but I was getting results physically and mentally.

They could laugh all they wanted, I wanted to qualify for the XTERRA World Championships and believe me the short-term temptation of a Big Mac or any burger wasn’t going to be the reason I didn’t make it to Maui for the race.

Oil Frequency

Then it happened. I was listening to a podcast about food and they mentioned that the term, “Wake up and smell the roses,” literally came from when someone would physically smell roses, they would get a boost of energy!

You guessed it. I dropped everything and called my wife. I asked her if she had rose oil. She was so confused. I looked up the MHz of rose oil and found this:
Young Living Essential Oil MHz

You see that on the top of the list? Rose oil. 320 MHz! That’s twice as high as raw vegetables! This is where my secret is and racing.

I made my wife give me her coveted rose oil in my last race in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In transition, I would grab it and take a huge whiff! I know it sounds funny, but as I was putting my body through this traumatic experience of physical exercise I could give it a boost through this rose oil. I took 7th place OVERALL! Mind you, my first triathlon ever in my life was just 4.5 months prior.

Literally, it raised my body from low frequencies. It put me in a peak state and helped me accomplish what I wanted and that was to qualify for the XTERRA World Championship!

Jordan Winar XTERRA World Championship
XTERRA World Championship Finish Line

So this Valentine’s day, first start with an apology and let your mom, wife, or girlfriend know that you will listen. If anything else, boys, wake up and smell the roses this Valentine’s day. And if your wife doesn’t have rose oil, you may want to get her some and get her vibrations functioning high, you can thank me later.

So to my wife, thank you, you helped me get to the top, even if I had to look around a little myself.

Mandy in Hawaii sending positive vibes after the XTERRA World Championship


In conclusion, MEN understand that we are made up matter, and that matter has an energy that functions at different frequencies/vibrations. So do your body a favor and feed it high vibration foods, feed your mind positive thoughts, and take a hit once in a while of some rose essential oils. It’s time you wake up and smell the roses.

And to all you ladies out there, who are tired of hearing that their husbands are tired, beat down and worn out! Give him some good vibes, feed him some high frequency food, let him smell some rose oil. Believe me, that testosterone supplement you’re allowing him to take, because he won’t change the bad habits of exercise, diet, and mindfulness, just might not be the answer.

The fountain of youth discovered, mushrooms!

Over 8,000 meters up, the wind slices across the mountain of Shigatse, Tibet like frozen glass. You begin to understand the feeling of below freezing temperatures infecting the rest of your body as your hands and feet are numbed with every step. You knew you should not have come during this time of year but you were on an unwavering quest to find youth as you heard the legends of the monks at the base camp of Everest.. It was dark and you were alone as you looked for the Rongbuk Monastery the reason you traveled thousands of miles to reach what the locals call “the Peak of Heaven” to have the opportunity to listen and learn with some of their monks about natural powers of mushrooms they had discovered in their Eastern Chinese Medicine practice.

After traveling over 5,000 miles and climbing 26,000 feet, you made it. A monk led you into a small shelter and for what seemed like hours, he sat silently on the stone pebbled floor and then helped you gently warm up near the fire.. From pure exhaustion and euphoria that you reached your destination, you drifted away into the night into a deep sleep.

As the sun gently nudged you awake, the silence was deafening. You examined your body to ensure it hadn’t been affected by frostbite. You put your clothes on from the night before and stepped outside. You were met by God’s majesty as you gazed at the Himalayan range, which included you staring face to face with the peak of Mt. Everest as it looked down on you with a sly grin knowing that if you ever dared to climb her, she would try her best to never let you go.

You walked back inside and watched as a doctor prepared a morning hot drink for you as he added a compound that had the look of coffee but an earthy smell of tea. You sipped it and instantaneously you knew your life would never be the same. You had traveled across the world to find a secret that you now wanted to share with the world.

Yes, these special mushrooms are found deep in the heart of the Himilayan region and they have an unsurpassed ability to help you perform at new heights. And fortunately, you do not have to travel across the world to get the same outcome as the traveler above. What he experienced was the life changing benefits of mushrooms. The good news for us is that a man by the name of Tony Shields has created a unique mixture of 6 mushrooms called THRIVE 6that will help you perform optimally both in mind and body. You can be an inheritor of the benefits of his work and I had the opportunity to get his unparalleled acumen on mushrooms and his compound. When I first tried THRIVE 6 I couldn’t believe the benefits it delivers.

Tony Shields At His Farm

Mushrooms have been used for a very long time throughout the world for medicinal purposes. If understood correctly they unlock the potential to build immunity, help with heart related issues, memory, energy, sport performance, sleep, stress, and focus. In fact, in the 90’s a new type of mushroom was discovered after the Olympics when China had won several medals and attributed their success to a herbal concoction that included Cordycep mushrooms but where do they come from and which ones are safe?


Tony, how safe are ingesting mushrooms and is it as normal as having a garden in your backyard?

It has been said that all mushrooms are edible- but some only once!

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer on the safety of ingesting mushrooms in general. Some mushrooms are nutritious and have amazing medicinal benefits, some mushrooms can send you on a journey of the mind… and others could even kill you.

As for medicinal mushrooms, there are many incredible species that have a long history of safe and effective use. Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Maitake, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Oyster, Shiitake and many others are all considered very safe.

That being said, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go foraging in local forests or their backyards for mushrooms- unless you are 100% confident in your identification skills. The best and safest way to consume mushrooms is to get them from trusted suppliers who test for product safety and level of beneficial compounds.


Tony what benefits does one have by ingesting mushrooms?

This can vary wildly by the individual taking the mushrooms, the type of mushrooms taken, and the dose.

One common characteristic that all medicinal mushrooms share is their ability to support and modulate the immune system. At first glance, this seems like a mediocre benefit, until you consider that our immune system forms the foundation for literally every system in our body, and therefore our overall health.

Tony, more specifically what type of mushroom should we take and when?

(All of these are found in THRIVE 6 by FRESHCAP MUSHROOMS)


Cordyceps has traditionally been taken to improve energy, endurance, and overall athletic performance. It does this by improving the efficiency at which our cells use oxygen.

Lions Maine?

Lion’s Mane is famous for its ability to support the brain and nervous system. People take this incredible mushroom to improve memory, mental clarity and focus.


Maitake mushroom has a high concentration of beta-glucans and is specifically good at modulating the immune system. Research has shown that Maitake can improve high blood pressure, and may be able to improve blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. Extracts from Maitake have also been used in Cancer research with positive results.


Reishi is known as the mushroom of immortality. Traditionally, Reishi has been used to improve overall vitality and promote longevity. It does this by bolstering the immune system and defending the body against disease. It has one of the longest histories of use of all the medicinal mushrooms.


Chaga is known as the King of Medicinal Mushrooms! Traditionally, Chaga has been taken as an anti inflammatory, as an immune modulator and as a way to protect cellular DNA from damage caused by free radicals.

Turkey Tail?

Turkey Tail (along with Maitake) has one of the highest concentrations of Beta-D glucans. It is famous for having powerful immune boosting effects, and has been intensely researched for its ability to fight cancer.

Tony if they want to really dive into mushrooms and the benefits of they offer how can you teach them more?

There are plenty of great books available to learn more about these amazing mushrooms. Of course, you can always stop by, and say “hi!”

Tony, why did you create THRIVE 6 and what will it deliver to us?

I have always been interested in mushrooms, for reasons I still don’t really understand, and the more I learn about them the more interested I become.

I am a huge believer in the power of mushrooms- and think they have a huge potential to benefit people all over the world- if only more people were aware of the benefits! FreshCap Mushrooms is my way of turning that belief into reality.

THRIVE 6 combines 6 powerful medicinal mushroom extracts that will help to strengthen your immune system, supercharge your brain power and boost your energy levels.

CONCLUSION: Whether you are an athlete, salesman, stay at home mom, or college student we can all benefit from this natural gift of mushrooms. I personally can attest to it as it has helped increase my VO2 max while also helping me enjoy my workouts more while in the pool, mountain bike, or trail running as I prepare for the upcoming XTERRA season. I have experienced first hand its benefits the very first time I tried them on a Saturday while mountain biking with friends when they noticed that I must have been feeling good based on my speed and attitude. Thrive carries so many health benefits that you can learn more about that could take over a lifetime.

So, if you are religious about having a cup of coffee in the morning you have to try adding a scoop of THRIVE 6 mushroom extract and reap the benefits of natures natural healing power. And everytime you take that first sip, think of Tony Shields and smile. Be thankful that you did not have to traverse to the base of Mt. Everest to enjoy the benefits he has given to us in THRIVE 6 and his business of FRESHCAP MUSHROOMS.

The top 10 life changing and unique gift ideas this Christmas season!

Are you looking for a unique gift that could change your friend/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/child for the rest of their life? Or maybe you have finally resolved that enough is enough and 2018 is going to be different from now on and you want to gift yourself something that could change your life forever! Here is my top 10 list for 2017 (this does not have an order of significance just depends on what your looking for, want, and need)

1) Universal Earthing Mat $58.99 Do you want to be the trend setter at the party or impress your super healthy but arthritic mother-in-law? This is the gift you’re looking for! It was made popular by Tour de France cycle teams for recovery. You sleep on this mat and plug it into the grounding plug in your wall and the earth gives your body a charge, literally. Here is a video that explains what “Earthing” is Earthing explained . It’s important to get a mat because to do it naturally takes 2.5 hours of walking barefoot and no one has the time to do that these days. Here is the link to click to pick one up on Amazon Earthing Mat. It’s a gift that they will use everyday and not even think about it and will make a huge impact in their life!

2) Organic Wheat Grass $14.95. The best white elephant gift exchange pick! This is a quick and inexpensive gift that will deliver 10 times what you pay for it to whoever is on the receiving end of this magic dust in a bottle! Think I am kidding? It’s known as an effective healer because it contains all minerals know to man and vitamins A,B-complex, C,E,I and K. It also contains 17 amino acids and is rich in protein! Still need to be sold? Here are 50 other reasons you need to gift this to someone you love! 50 more reasons you need Wheat Grass in your life! So if you are looking for a great gift and perfect for a white elephant exchange here’s a link for Wheat Grass.

3) Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Live Event: $695

Ok, I admit this in is not cheap but if your looking for a dramatic change in your life then this is well worth it. I attended in 2016 and my wife went in 2017. You will walk on FIRE! This guy has list of A LIST clients like Oprah, the owner of Salesforce, Paul Tudor Jones, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and the list continues! And believe it or not the guy who founded Salesforce was inspired to quit his job at Oracle and start SalesForce because of this event. I think it’s worth $600. There are ways to get tickets to these events if you know people or maybe your work will pay for it as continued education. I highly recommend it! Check out his website here is a link to his live events. He’s not a motivational speaker he shows you how to change your mind and get the results you want and deserve! Trust me, it’s worth it!

4) Audible Membership and credits. This is audio books. You can download one book a month with this membership. Need help getting started? Check out Shoe Dog by Phil Knight the co-founder of Nike. Turn off the radio and music in 2018 and listen to more books. Listen while in the yard, exercising, driving to work, doing the dishes! Your mind will thank you for it! Here is a link to download the app and get started Audible App. Plus I will be releasing a free book called The Gazelle Mindset that you can listen to on it!

5) Coach/Trainer- (priceless) every year you try to change and by the third week of January you have given up. Stop it! Go get a coach or trainer! If you need help at work get a life coach to help you with your craft. If you want to excel in the physical aspect get a trainer! If you pay for a trainer, I assure you, you will show up for the work out! Stop making excuses and get someone to keep you accountable.

6) Massage Gift Card- (usually around $1 a minute). Your wife or husband need to be pampered. Cut out the stress and decompress. Schedule it for them so they can’t deny on going especially if they have never been! They might put up a fight at first but they will thank you after and want to go back for more!

7). Gazelle Mindset t-shirt $34 The athletic apparel company Zeno Athletics picked up my idea and has been selling them ever since! What is the Gazelle Mindset? Well is a book I am releasing for free on audible and kindle about your mind and why it’s controlling you. Here’s the premise, “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle: when the sun comes up, you’d better be running. However, if the Lion misses catching a Gazelle today he will live.  The Gazelle does not have a second chance if he is caught.  He must never tire especially if the Lion is well rested. He must always be prepared! You must decide to rebel against nature today and survive.  You were not born a lion, and be thankful because when you outrun the Lion today your story will be that much more significant because today you out ran a lion!”

The goal is to change your mind! Because if you can change your mind, you will change you life! It will be a welcome reminder and great story to share! Pick one up at this link The Gazelle Mindset t-shirt.

8) Race ($15-550) This is always worth video taping to laugh at when they open up this envelope with a race entry fee paid for the two of you! This can be a 5k, 10k, Triathlon, half marathon, marathon. My choice is always Xterra off road triathlons for the people that do these! They are fun and fast! It’s swimming, mountain biking and then a trail run! This is a unique gift that gives the two of you something to shoot for together! There are no refunds so this makes this gift stick better than a gym membership!

9) Brainwave App ($3) I have written about brain waves in the past and how our brains work at different frequencies. You can purchase a number of apps that deliver brain waves to your head but my favorite is by Bonzai Labs. Here is the link to the Bonzai Labs app that you can gift directly from the Apple App Store!

10) A letter of gratitude letter. (Worth more than you know). If you sit down and write down how this person/company has impacted you and made a difference in your life and what you want to do with them in 2018 would mean a lot and sometimes it’s easier for us to go on Amazon or run to the store and buy a gift then sit down for 45-60 minutes and write out a well thought out letter. It will mean to them more than you know and probably unexpected. Besides, the holidays bring stress so your letter will be come at the perfect time! We always find a way to complain so this season find a way to give the gift of gratitude it will lighten up their life and will give you light as well!

Have a very Merry Christmas and may you find the real reason for this season this year. He will ultimately change your life!

2017 XTERRA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACE REPORT: You can do whatever you put your mind to!

I was standing on DT Fleming beach in Maui, staring down at my feet, squeezing the cool sand in between my toes. All the while, I was trying to focus on what I could control, the temporary tattoos my feet were leaving as impressions in the sand. I was a spec among 800 elite athletes dressed in colorful caps, black speed-suits, and an infinite variety of goggles. We were all, in our own way, counting down the time for the cannon to sound. Above us, a helicopter was overpowering the melodic and symphonic waves of the Pacific Ocean by creating its own ocean of waves and war-like sound to go along with it.

I turned my gaze to the horizon, but just a few feet in front of me, I was mesmerized watching the facial expressions and body language of the professional Xterra Athletes at an arms length from me. They were bracing for work, their livelihood, their occupation, their business. But today wasn’t another case of the Mondays, today was their biggest day of the year. This was their chance to close the biggest deal in company history, their chance to get their name immortalized on the plaque of history! Today wasn’t just a regional or national spiff at the office this was for all the marbles, this was the 2017 XTERRA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

I couldn’t help but smile while standing so close to their dreams. Walking on the same sand as a soon to be World Champion. Maybe the guy just a few feet in front of me would be the new champ.

Today, I would compete against the best in the world! We would all swim, bike and run the same course. I would know the sites, sounds, and emotions that they would feel.

Sure, I had been to big sporting events. I went to the ’97 Baseball World Series cheering on the Cleveland Indians. I sat in premium seats at the Indianapolis 500. I yelled at the 50 yard line during the Michigan Vs Ohio State game when they were both ranked #1 and #2 in the country. But I always dreamed of playing in the game, not watching from the sidelines, even though it is significantly more comfortable from the sidelines and much easier to critique when you’re not actually in the game. And a lot less preparation! Today, only I and a few people close to me knew how hard it was to earn my spot in this athletic event.

But as I stood there it made me ponder, at what point in life, is it expected for you to take a seat in the stands and just watch? Your life becomes a story told completely in the past tense. Sadly for many people the most excitement they get in a week is based on a league they play in that starts with “fantasy.”

What happened?

It made me think and I tried to remember who was the first person that told me, “You can do whatever you put your mind to!”? Was it my mom when she handed me a brown bagged lunch before school, my dad after a little league game, a coach after practice, or a teacher before summer break?

Whoever it was, I believed them. You also heard this phrase and even if just for a split second, believed that, “You could really do whatever you put your mind to!”

And then over time, you very slowly, like the changing of a leaf color, stopped believing. But you didn’t forget the phrase, because if you’re like me, you start using it with your own kids. You drive them to school, and just before they open the door you look in the backseat, state their name, tell them to have a great day and that, ”if they put their mind to something they can do whatever they can imagine!”

As soon as the car door closes, I think back to my mother saying, “Do what I say, not what I do.”

BOOOOOMM! The cannon went off. I hear foot steps patter into the ocean all around me like 300 men trying to all run though a puddle at once. A wave, almost as tall as me, stares at me, hoping to knock me down and send me back to shore where it believes I belong. While I may not be as strong as this wave, I am smarter, so I gasp for a breath of air and dive down below the rip current; all the noise immediately disappears. I dig my fingers into the sand, holding my position as the wave lunges at me and misses as I feel it pass above me. I surface and here comes another relative of the wave I just beat. I repeat the same routine, win again, and resurface. Then, all of the sudden, I get struck in the back of the head! “Ow!” I scream under water, not to be heard above the surface, but I felt it. WHAM! It happens again! I looked to my right and realized it was the guy next to me as my head was inline with his stroke! I swam faster to try to get out of his way.

I imagined what we looked like from above–from a birds perspective. We probably looked like a school of fish trying to escape a lurking predator coming from deep in the sea, but our predator today wasn’t visible. Our predator was time! Time would catch us, some faster than others. In fact, at some point, time will catch all of us; not just this race, but in life. Every word you read, it clicks. But we see time as a friend, that we should sit with on the dock of a bay with. But it’s an illusion; use time to your advantage, as a motivator, a tool, a guide, but never a timer or alarm. And always teach those younger than you that time is not a commodity, but a very limited resource to be cherished and used because you can’t save up and use it later in life.

The waves brought me back to dry land. This time I used their strength and power to replenish mine, which was finite and limited, especially after fighting the ocean and my competitor’s hands and feet for the last 20 minutes. My ears were filled with water, but my eyes clear because of my goggles. People were jumping, yelling, waving and pointing, as if the taped course didn’t allow me good direction, but their enthusiasm was highly motivating. And, at times, their hysteria was a comic relief depending on the spectator and how close their athlete was to exiting the water behind me.

I jumped on my bike like a cowboy mounts his horse when he sees trouble out on the range. However, my horse was self propelled and this cowboy was already breathing heavily! I passed a few people, but before long, my name seemed to naturally morph from Jordan to “on your left.” The hill I was climbing seemed to become more and more like a treadmill with an incline of 20% with no ‘off’ button to push. My heart rate was sky rocketing, but if the other competitors were pedaling, so was I. After all, I always wanted to be one of the competitors in a World Championship setting, and I literally did whatever it took to qualify for this day! 12,000 miles, 8 states and over 10 Xterra races– all my rookie season as a Triathlete and first time on a mountain bike this year. It made me think that just 6 months ago was my first race and now I’m going up against the best in the world. It made me think about that phrase again.

“You can do whatever you put your mind to,” and that included qualifying and finishing this race! I put my head down and slowly traversed up that mountain. Sweat flowing out of my pours, I could literally feel it exit my skin. My heart rate still at record levels! I was grunting, like someone had put too much weight on the bench press, let me bring the bar down to my chest, and then walked away, leaving me alone to find a way to get it back up! But I have learned that if your mind is forced to do something, it always finds a way, for better or for worse.

I had now come to a point called Razor Ridge, the name speaks for itself; it has incredible views on both sides. When one thinks of Hawaii’s beauty, this is what I was experiencing at this very moment. It was perfection! It was at Razor Ridge that time seemed to slow down for me. It allowed me to take mental pictures that will always leave a lasting image in my mind. Of course, I know, everything we see will leave a lasting image in our minds so be careful what you allow in, but this one I will choose to keep consciously. One that I will keep at the surface and hang on the wall of my mind as a masterpiece!

It was only seconds later that I was feeling, smelling and tasting Hawaii in a different way. I was heading downhill at speeds that were beyond my current 6 months of capabilities and talents on a mountain bike along with my over confident attitude. I was about to be humbled, because as I launched down the mountain in a fury and kicked up dust behind me, a tree stump was patiently waiting for my arrival. He was calm and didn’t chase me or lunge at me; he just sat there, as he had since the day he was cut down. My front tire couldn’t help but enthusiastically greet him that morning, and that stump caused my horse to buck me off and launch me into some brush and a pile of jagged rocks. My left hip and wrist seemed to land in sync. My brain sensed pain immediately and, at the same moment, had me check my bike to ensure it was still ride-able. The jungles in Hawaii may look soft in pictures, but it’s just as hard as the concrete sidewalks you walk along everyday in your urban jungles. I slowly peeled myself off the ground and put all my weight on my right leg. My face squinted as I looked under my suit to see if I was bleeding. The stump was still sitting in the same place, with the same unimpressed expression, even after that acrobatic swan dive I just did for him. The stump offered no apology to me and I am not here to blame the stump for hindering my race. The Obstacles, in life and in races, should always be expected. They are not a matter of “if” but “when,” and it’s how we respond. I was deciding to move on. I pushed my bike for another 100 feet to the bottom of the hill. It hurt quite badly, which was my brain being kind enough to send me a warning that I was truly hurt. It was also the same brain that wouldn’t let me stop today. I assessed the situation, jumped back on the horse, and kept going. This was the World Championship! Michael Jordan played though the flu, and won the Bulls another ring. If you want to do something great, don’t expect it to be easy, and I don’t mean winning a fantasy league. I mean delivering results through actions taken. That means not blaming or making up a story to make you feel better. Learn and move on, keep progressing.

But at the same time, don’t be naive; learn how to avoid pit falls in advance. For example, the evening after the race Xterra hosts an Awards Dinner; my wife and I had the privilege of sitting next to Laura Philipp of Germany who took 3rd over-all in the Pro-Women’s race. She politely laughed at my mishap, stating that due to the top speeds on that down hill, she kept it slightly more tame, because in the dry conditions you can gain incredible speed that can become uncontrollable and unpredictable. Because of that you need to always proceed with caution, because it’s always better to be in control of your bike and stay on your bike rather than get launched off of it because you were trying to reach new speeds in the process. Sometimes, going slower and arriving is better than going too fast and never showing up. Knowing when to step on the gas is just as, if not more, important than being foolish and fearless! So remember to always know thyself!

After that wreck, I realized I was one of the lucky ones. I saw plenty of people who’s wrecks were far worse than mine that day which would cause them to walk it back to transition or even worse cause them to have a DNF. In fact, I had snacks at Dukes Beach Grill after the race with a 4 time Ironman champion, Tom Evans, that snapped his handle bar in half on one of the downhills, causing him to call off his race early.

I, fortunately, unlike Tom, was able finish the bike portion. I pulled the horse back into the transition area and tied it up fully worn out, but thankful it got me home. Because of my hip, I transitioned a bit slower. Before this incident I could never relate to a person with a bad hip.

While I was in the best shape of my life, I must have looked like I had been possessed by an 80 year old man. An 80 year old man chasing after one of his grandkids who had just stolen a cookie off the table prior to finishing their dinner.

I had the drive inside me, but, for the amount of pain and effort going into each step, the output was extremely disappointing. The first part of the trail run was all uphill. Running is my strength and I can run with the best of them over some miles, especially if we are competing for something.

However, people started passing, and then more. I tried every psychological trick in the book and none of them worked. It was so frustrating knowing I had the ability inside, but the pain was too great to use it. Or so I thought! That is until the start of mile 6, when all I could think about was my wife and kids at the finish line. I realized that the faster I could run this last mile, the faster I could see them. It’s only 4 laps around the track! I felt like Forest Gump losing his leg braces! I started to “run.” I started to pass some people. I didn’t even care that I was passing people. The final quarter mile was running in the sand and I gave it every bit I had left. My stoic mindset that started this race had been swallowed by the ocean and this was all about survival, and as many of you know, I am a firm believer in the Gazelle Mindset, which is something I coined.

The final stretch–one guy in front of me! I had to go by him. I could see my kids jumping, I could hear them yelling “Go Daddy!” For a moment I was healed; I made my move and passed one final competitor. It just so happened that the guy I was passing had beaten me in every single race that we faced each other this year and he was the regional champ for his area.

I grabbed my son and daughter with one thing left to do. Cross that finish line!

My daughter holding my hand, and my oldest son, Win, playing catch up. I picked him up the way Scrooge picked up Tiny Tim on Christmas morning, swung him around and embraced when we crossed that line! All my pain gone for the moment. I set him down on the grass and looked at both of them in the eyes and said believe me when your Dad tells you this, “You can STILL do whatever you put you mind to!”

And so can you!

(Highlights from the race)

Are your friends good enough?

Take a minute to think about who you associate with.

-Open your phone and see who you call or text.

-Do your friends exercise?

-Do your friends encourage you?

-What environments do you and your friends hang out in?

-What have your friends taught you recently?

-How have they inspired you?

-Are they positive or negative?

-What does your family think of your friends?

I ask these questions because as someone once said, “The person you will become in 5 years is based on the books you read and the people you meet!” I think it’s less than 5 years, it’s as quickly as 5 minutes!

I had a chance to do some examining myself last night at a send off party for competing in the Xterra World Championships, click this to learn more about it.

It was held at a Vegan Ice Creme parlor in Austin, Texas called Vice Creme and you can visit them if your ever in Austin or at the Oasis, here is their address.

I had a moment that I looked around at all these people that came out to support me and my good friend Kyle to send us off to Maui that I had a euphoric moment!

The people that showed up last night and that have surrounded me have literally created who I am!

From friend that took me out on my first mountain bike ride, to my very first friend I ever met when I moved to Austin 11 years ago! I saw a guy that I hired who I went to college with that has become a friend and treats me like a brother! I saw people I exercise with and have encouraged me. I saw a guy that has dominated the sport for over a decade that allowed me to be his friend and show me the ropes and now we are headed to Hawaii together. The race directors who support their athletes, not just at events but outside events. You can click on this link and sign up for race. It’s no wonder why they sell out races, they are great people. My coach, with Krause Sports Performance, who kept me in balance and gave me the opportunity to be in the position I am today! I saw a guy who opened up his business to allow us to celebrate and create community. Most importantly my wife who has been my greatest inspiration and given me the encouragement to push through!

The list will could go on and on just look at these photos:

These people have created me. The people you surround yourself will also create and shape who you are for good or bad. I have chosen good and my life shows it.

So if your interviewing someone today or just need a little self examination take a look around and see who is around you. While they create you, you decide who you surround yourself with!

Are you tired all the time? Slightly depressed and need a natural boost? Check out this holistic approach

As many of you know, I’ll take whatever natural edge I can get in business, relationships, sport, and living life to the fullest! Which is why I went Vegan cold turkey, pun intended!

Before I get into Earthing, I want you to think about this question. When was the last time you walked on the earth directly? Usually you have shoes on or flip flops, walking on concrete driveway or sidewalks, driving in your car and you rarely if ever walk barefoot on the earth without anything between you. Was your answer alarming? Are you one of the tired, wore out, exhausted people that live on caffeine and battle sickness bouts all year? Your in luck this tool might be able to help!!

I learned about this natural technology about 8 years ago through one my Dad’s friends named Leonard. He was always ahead of society on natural remedies. For example, he built his own isolation tank in the early 2000’s before they became a rage now a days.

He came down to visit me in Austin Texas and had with him a new healing technology that he shared with me. His technology was called Earthing.

Here is a brief video on what earthing is in less than 90 seconds here is Earthing explained in a video.

The earth gives off a natural energy which is why when you go camping you sleep better? Or when you go on vacation you feel more calm if you walk barefoot on a beach. Is it starting to make sense?

Many you have employees that need to take their shoes off and walk barefoot to turn around their quarter or maybe you need to get them an Earthing mat.

Here is a link to a starter kit if your nervous about winter coming. Click on this link to get The Earthing starter kit to create your dream team!

Could be for you, your kids, your spouse, or your sales team.

I’ll do whatever takes and this is one item that gives me an edge.